PM says will raise blasphemous cartoons issue at UN, OIC


ISLAMABAD (TP News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Pakistan will raise the blasphemous cartoons issue with the United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC).

He also demanded the OIC play its role in this regard.
“Few people in Europe understand how much this issue hurts the sentiments of Muslims,” he maintained. Addressing the first session of Senate as prime minister, Imran Khan urged the Muslims countries to unite before raising their voice against such issues.
“We should tell them how hurting such acts are. I understand the mentality of people of Europe,”
he said.
Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it is very easy for the West to create any controversy against Muslims.
The prime minister was of the view that if someone talks about the Holocaust, four European countries could jail that person.
“The OIC should devise a strategy in this regard,” he demanded.
About his latest measures to reduce the expenses, the prime minister observed that there is a message in this act for the tax- payers. “We are already facing loans of Rs 28,000 billion.
The people will not pay tax until they own the government,” he said, adding that the austerity would benefit the public.
He again announced to auction the luxury vehicles of the Prime Minister’s House. “We need to reduce our expenses and increase the income,” he maintained.
Rulers should tell the public that paying tax is not for their luxurious lives but for the public themselves, he noted.
“Nations who get loans lose their dignity and freedom,” the prime minister said.
He also promised to attract foreign investment, saying that overseas Pakistanis are the biggest asset of the country.
The prime minister said that they had failed in providing quality education and health to their children.
“I appeared in the Senate just to realize the senators that the prime minister will reply to their questions. “I will continue visiting the Senate because parliament is the biggest place for accountability,” he said.
He again promised to improve country’s current situation.


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