Sports and health both are like Magnet direction which attracts each other and make strong  bond just like that sports make strong bond with health and makes body fit and beautiful.

“A healthy mind and body Is key of success.”

Which can be possible by excercing and palying sports.Sports makes you mind and body fit and you feel realx after palying your favourite sports.

Some students have a Brilliant IQ But some time they can’t py attention to their studies because of lack of body fitness.

Yes!I know its important to pay attention on studies as same way its also important to pay attention on sports for healthy body its help students to use their mind in brilliant way and invent new ideas and explore different things.

But some students just paying attention to theri sports and keep themselves busy in palying.So its wrongs and thet have to pay attention to thier studies to Sports are here for your extra time activites.It doesn’t mean that you waste your study time in palying different sports.

Parents has to deal with this kind of issues like make a sechdule for a children in which they gave their equal time to study and sports.

In your free time you take some hobbies and some sports to use your leisure time correctly. Its help you to raise your mental ability and make you feel relax and happy.After that your mind became fresh and you feel stressout.

Its important to add some sports in your busy sechdule. And make time for yourself which give you relaxment and peace.

Sports are the best way to spend your time correctly and make yourself healthy and stronge.Sports have lots of benefits.


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