Either country will survive or the corrupt, says Imran Khan


Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the country is facing the worst ever conditions nowadays.

(ISLAMABAD TP NEWS)- Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the country is facing the worst ever conditions nowadays.

In his maiden address to the nation after assuming the charge of his office, he asked the nation to be ready as either the country would survive or the corrupt.

Imran Khan thanked all workers who 22 years ago started with him in this movement and ‘jihad’.

“I never considered politics as a career or profession and wanted to make Pakistan an Islamic welfare state. Pakistan’s has never face difficult situation as like now,” he said. “Pakistan has to pay loan worth Rs28,000 billion. We will trace out where this money have gone. We need to take loans to pay off the interest on previous loans,” he added.

The newly elected PM said, “Pakistan’s Human Development Index reveals that the country is among the five nations in the world with the highest child mortality rate below the age of five and stunted growth for children. Every second Pakistani child is malnourished.”

Imran Khan said that the prime minister of Pakistan has 524 servants, 33 bullet-proof cars, helicopters, aeroplane, the PM house is on 11,000 Kanals.

“If we do not change our direction we will head towards disaster. We need to change our mindset and think about the children who are out of school,” he warned. He asked that who will resolve the water crisis, adding that Pakistan is No7 on the list of countries to be most affected by global warming.

The prime minister mentioned that the rule of law stands supreme for a nation, every civilization peaking is because of this and keeping law above everyone. He advised that there needs to be progressive taxation which helps in providing basic amenities to people of low-income levels.

“My entire life people told me I could not be a cricketer, captain, make a hospital. My whole life I have learnt to fight. I wanted to live in my own house but was told by agencies that my life was under threat which is why I am living here,” he said.

He told that he would not live in the Prime Minister’s House but in residence of the military secretary, use only two cars. He said that he would auction the government’s bullet-proof vehicles and return the money to the exchequer.

He also informed that none of his governors will live in the Governor’s House.” We will make a research university in the PM House. We will make a taskforce under Dr Ishrat Hussain which reduce costs in the country,” he added.

He termed that no nation can progress by taking loans which are meant to be only taken for short periods in difficult times. “We will use this saved money on the members of our society who have been left behind,” he added.

Imran Khan stressed that the country is in need to stand on her feet, taking loans means losing one’s freedom and respect. He said that his aim is to make this nation stand on its feet. He further said that the people of Pakistan will have to sacrifice to become a great nation.

The prime minister clarified that only 800,000 people out of 200 million pay taxes in Pakistan. He said that he would fix the FBR and assure the nation that he will be responsible for their taxes.

He stressed the nation to pay taxes considering its ‘jihad’ and responsibility.

“We will make a high-powered task force to recover money taken out of Pakistan illegally. The people doing this are the real criminals of this country. Never vote for a leader who has money out of the country,” the prime minister hinted.

“We have to increase our exports. Our government will help export industries and our business advisory council will hold meetings with them. There will be an office in the PM Office to facilitate those wanting to do business in Pakistan.”

Imran Khan said that he would tell embassies to make the process easy for overseas Pakistanis and will create investment opportunities for overseas Pakistanis. He pointed out that the country has a shortage of dollars because out trade gap has increased significantly. He desired that overseas Pakistanis to deposit money in our banks and send remittances through banks.

The PM assured that he would meet with the NAB chairman what help the bureau needs and will pass the whistleblower act to fix the matter of corruption. “We will fix the SECP. I have kept the Ministry of Interior because I want to monitor the money-laundering which takes place,” he added.


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