Doesn’t meet Maryam Nawaz every day, says Nawaz Shareef


ISLAMABAD: Previous Prime Serve Nawaz Sharif who is detained at the Adiala Imprison said he does not meet his girl Maryam Nawaz on a every day basis.

In July, Nawaz, girl Maryam and son-in-law Captain (retd) Safdar were sentenced by an responsibility court within the Avenfield properties debasement reference. The court given an 11-year sentence to Nawaz and 8 a long time to Maryam, which they are serving at the Adiala Imprison in Rawalpindi.

Nawaz Sharif showed up some time recently an responsibility court here on Wednesday because it continued hearing of two remaining debasement references against him and his family.

In an casual discussion with columnists after the hearing, Nawaz whereas replying a address on the off chance that he was in solitary imprisonmentgrinned and said this may well be considered the case.

The previous prime serve, when inquired on the off chance that he was permitted to pray within the mosque, said he was not allowed to do so and advertised his supplications within the imprison cell.

Agreeing to Nawaz Sharif, he would as it were see Maryam amid gatherings with guests. He too educated columnists that his wellbeing was fine.


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