Court grants one-day exemption to Nawaz Sharif in Flagship investment reference


Islamabad: An accountability court on Monday gave exemption to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from today’s court appearance in the Flagship investment reference.

During the hearing of the case, the accountability court expressed resentment over the absence of co-accused Sharif and his counsel Khawaja Haris.

The National Accountability Prosecutor, Sardar Muzaffar requested the curt to issue arrest warrants against the former lawmaker.

However, the accountability court judge, Arshad Malick asked the assistant counsel of Khawaja Haris to inquire where the former premier was present at the moment and why he skipped the hearing without applying for exemption.

‘Khawaja Haris is not feeling well,’ argued his assistant.

The NAB prosecutor pleaded that the statement of the witness should be recorded in the presence of assistant counsel as the former premier did not apply for an exemption.

‘They [Sharifs] want to steer the judicial proceedings out of their will,’ opined the NAB official and asked the judge to issue arrest warrants against the former premier.

To this, the judge gave a deadline of five minutes to the junior counsel to inquire the location of the former premier warning that the warrants would be issued otherwise.

Following this, the assistant lawyer filed an exemption plea on behalf of Nawaz Sharif which was accepted.

The court adjourned the hearing till October 4.


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